Q. Will your holsters fit Gen4 Glocks?

A. Yes, when ordering a holster please advised which generation Glock you have.

Q. Do you offer a MIL/LEO discount?

A. Yes!  Enter the coupon code LEOMIL at check out and email us a copy of your credentials, referencing your order number.  Please submit verification of MIL/LEO employment within 48 hours of ordering.

Please don’t just enter the code and try to snag a discount if you’re not LEO/MIL.  Your order will be cancelled and refunded, minus a 10% fee.

Q. Will your holsters fit my extended magazine release or extended slide lock lever?

A. Unlikely.  This is for several reasons.  First is the HUGE variety of aftermarket parts for pistols.  We can custom fit your holster upon request, but you will be required to call in your order.

Q. I don’t see any color options.  Can I get my holster in a different color?

A. Since our gear is designed to be concealed, we eliminated color options.  It also helps keeps prices and wait times low.  However, that said, we do special order colors if you desire.  Unfortunately, special orders can take an additional 5 days to fill your order after your payment has been received.

Q. How long will it take to get my holster?

A.  I will ship your order in less than 15 days for black kydex orders.  Special orders can take up to 20 days

Q.  How much is shipping?

A. Anywhere in the US, shipping is free.  I do ship international, but shipping fees do apply and very.

Q. Do you guys make knife sheaths?

A. Yes, please email me or call to discuss the details.

Q. Do you make a shoulder holster/ankle rig/bedside rig/backpack holster/small-of-back holster?

A. No.

Q. Do your Glock holsters fit the single-stack models?

A. No.  Our Glock holsters fit the popular double-stack designs.

Q: Do your holsters for 45/10mm Glocks fit the model 30s?

A: Yes.

Q. I have a gun that’s not listed in your Available Firearms and Gear section.  How can I get a holster made?

A. If you’re local, you can set up an appointment to come by our shop with your pistol and have it made in person.  If you’re not local, Please do not send Eagle Talon Custom Holsters your firearm under any circumstances.  We are NOT an FFL company.

Q. Do you make any drop-leg/MOLLE gear?

A. No. Eagle Talon Custom Holsters’ area of expertise and experience is entirely in concealed carry.

Q. Do you guys like to barter?

A. Yes!  Under the right conditions, Eagle Talon Custom Holsters will accept alternative payment in ammo or high-quality firearms accessories.

Q. Does Kydex scratch my gun?

A. Kydex shouldn’t cause any gratuitous wear and tear.  However, if you’re carrying a gun, we hope you’ve trained hard enough with it that it’s already showing some wear.  Kydex is a fast, consistent, heavy-duty and durable carry solution for WORKING GUNS.

Q. How do I get in touch with you?

A. You can email us at ETCH@cox.net or call (619) 410-1926.  Due to my actual career, I may not answer my phone at work; however, I check my email several times a day.  I work shift-work so sometimes I’m on days, others I’m on nights.  I will respond back to your phone calls within 48 hours.  I respond to emails within 24 hours.


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